Stay Healthy - Disinfecting Guest Rooms with UV-C
at the Birch Ridge Inn

UV-C lamp set up to treat Room 10

The heightened awareness of invisible and deadly pathogens created by the Covid-19 pandemic required establishing new cleaning protocols at the Birch Ridge Inn for guest rooms.

While standard cleaning practices developed over the years using FDA, CDC, and EPA approved chemicals still form the basis for cleaning guest rooms, special attention needs to be paid to disinfect a room completely from any pathogens that may be inadvertently introduced into a room by guests or staff.

Once a guest checks out from a room, the room can be disinfected as an unoccupied space prior to new guests checking in. To do this, the Birch Ridge Inn uses commercial UV-C light sources to kill any airborne or surface pathogens that may exist in the room.

Ultraviolet (UV) light naturally occurs in three types: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. Although all three types have certain benefits and pose certain hazards, UV-C is the type that has the most germicidal benefits; killing bacteria and deactivating viruses if the exposure dose is high enough.

Any UV-C exposure strong enough to kill germs is also strong enough to be a risk to people. To perform UV-C light disinfection of guest rooms at the Birch Ridge Inn strict controls are in place to prevent accidental staff or guest exposure to UV-C light. UV-C light treatments are only used in un-occupied spaces at the inn, such as empty guest rooms, to minimize any accidental UV-C exposure