The Science of the Synexis Sphere
used at the Birch Ridge Inn to Stay Heathy

Synexis generates safe, low level hydrogen peroxide gas

(I promise this won't be too techy... Bill Vines, Innkeeper)

The Synexis Spheres installed at the Birch Ridge Inn use patented Bio-Defense technology created by Synexis. The technology was designed to reduce the spread of pathogens in both the air and on surfaces in public spaces. The technology was invented and patented by James Lee, the founder of Synexis. Mr Lee worked on Chemical, Radiological and Biological Defense when he was a Major in the US Army. The technology was commercialized for the private sector after 9/11 to help protect corporations from biological attack. Since then, the technology has been proved to reduce the propagation of viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, odors, and certain insects. The technology has been proven to be effective in reducing the viral load of both caronavirus and influenza in public spaces where it has been installed.

The technology of Synexis takes humidity and oxygen naturally present in the air and photo catalytically produces pure, referred to by Synexis as Dry, Hydrogen Peroxide Gas. The gas is produced at very low levels between 5 and 25ppb (parts per billion). Human lungs secrete naturally up to 60,000ppb of Hydrogen Peroxide during normal lung functioning. The Sphere effectively delivers Hydrogen Peroxide at levels well below occupational airborne safety standards established by OSHA. As a result, the gas produced by the Sphere is very safe for continuous use in occupied spaces where people congregate.

Microbes such as viruses, bacteria and molds all need water to survive. When circulating in the environment, they will naturally attract water molecules. The molecules of hydrogen peroxide gas produced by the Synexis Sphere look very similar in structure to water molecules. Because of their structure, they are attracted to the same cell receptor sites on microbes as water molecules. But unlike water molecules which help the microbes survive and propagate, the hydrogen peroxide molecules oxidizes the microbes' cell membranes, disrupting their chemical structure; causing them to break down. As a result of the continuous presence of dry hydrogen peroxide produced by the Synexis Spheres, the overall bioburden of microorganisms in the environment is significantly reduced.

When combined with standard cleaning practices the Synexis Sphere systems help reduce the probability of guest contamination by biological agents, including coronavirus and influenza, inadvertently introduced to the inn by other guests.

Additional information on how Synexis technology works can be found on their website at