Restaurant and Great Room Disinfection
with the Synexis Sphere at the Birch Ridge Inn

Synexis Sphere installed in the restaurant at the Birch Ridge Inn

The Covid-19 pandemic required inn practices to be totally redefined to allow the Restaurant and Great Room to be used to host guests.

Simple dinner service required redefinition of how hosts, servers, and bartenders interact with the public. What was once considered the anthesis of hospitality in western society, wearing a face mask in public, has now become the norm. No longer can guests and staff see each other smile adding a layer of complexity to every interaction. But solving these problems was simple compared to the challenge of minimizing the spread of Covid and other pathogens in real time in the Restaurant and Great Room.

Continuously occupied spaces like the Restaurant and the Great Room at the Birch Ridge Inn require a treatment regimen that functions safely in the physical presence of people to be effective. People will randomly come and go. Unfortunately, some of them may inadvertently bring additional guests with them such as Covid-19 or influenza. Mask wearing and social distancing go a long way in reducing pathogen spread. But to truly reduce the probability of cross contamination between guests and staff, technology must be deployed to reduce pathogen circulation in the air and disinfect surfaces; all the while being invisible to the people in the room.

Any number of technologies are available to remove particles from the air. HEPA Filters and Ionic Generators do a good job at that. But they function by moving particles, potentially causing cross contamination of guests in the process. To be truly effective, the technology needs to intercept pathogens as close to their source as possible to prevent spread from person to person.

To reduce the circulation of pathogens in the air, and to disinfect pathogens from surfaces, in both the Restaurant and the Great Room, the Birch Ridge Inn has turned to science and installed Bio-Defense technology from Synexis of Lenexa KS. Synexis® LLC is a leader in technologies that achieve microbial reduction in occupied spaces. Their technology is proven effective at reducing bacteria, viruses and mold in the air and on surfaces in indoor spaces where people congregate where the devices have been installed.

Birch Ridge has installed three(3) Synexis Sphere systems. Two(2) are installed in the Great Room. One(1) is installed in the Restaurant. When combined with standard cleaning practices, social distancing and face masks worn by inn staff and guests, the Synexis Sphere systems will help reduce the probability of contamination by biological agents, including coronavirus and influenza, inadvertently introduced to the inn by other guests.