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If you would like to make a plan a function at the Birch Ridge, you can do one of the following items:

  • You can enable "Javascript" in your browser and reload the Plan Function Page
  • You can contact the innkeepers via the internet using the "Contact the Innkeepers" process and get a response via email
  • You can call the innkeepers directly at 800.435.8566, or 802.422.4293 and plan your function via telephone.

Let us help you plan your function
at the Birch Ridge Inn

Making your function a success is important to us. Whether it's your wedding day, or the business strategy session with the boss, our one focus at Birch Ridge is to make you look great.

But it takes some planning to hold successful events, so let's get started! Just fill in the information requested so we can begin.

Start by telling us how we can contact you:

When is your function scheduled to occur?

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