Take a Hike! Experience Vermont at the Birch Ridge Inn

Thundering Falls in Killington.  A favorite local hike.

Thundering Falls in Killington. A favorite local hike

...Was it the deer in the clearing, the fox dashing across the trail, the moose lumbering down the side of the pond, the green hues of the forest, the sun setting over a mountain peak....

The experience of hiking in the Green Mountains of Vermont refreshes the soul. As you walk slowly through the countryside images of nature appear that just are not there from the window of a speeding car.

From the Birch Ridge Inn you can enjoy a wide variety of hiking experiences. You can explore remote waterfalls, hidden brooks, deep forest, and find sweeping views of the Green Mountains. Many excellent day hikes are right outside the front door of the Inn. Some of Mary and Bill's favorites include:

Deers Leap

The Deers Leap Trail is a unique day hike that includes portions of the Long and Appalachian Trials. The trails leads to a spectacular view across the Sherburne Gap from the top of Deer Leap Cliffs. The trail starts at the top of Sherburne Pass on US Route 4, approximately 3 miles from the Birch Ridge Inn.

Hiking in Quechee Gorge on a beautiful summer day.

Hiking in Quechee Gorge on a beautiful summer day

Killington Peak

The 50 mile trail network at Killington has something for everyone. And the views will leave you breathless. From the peak you can view the Green Mountains, the White Mountains and Presidential Range, and the Adirondacks. And if you only want to walk in one vertical direction (up or down) the trail network is serviced by the Killington K1 Gondola. Killington's trails are less than 1 mile from the Birch Ridge Inn on Killington Road.

Quechee Gorge

This hike features spectacular views of the 155 foot deep Quechee Gorge and the Ottauquechee River. The force of the river has carved the gorge deep into the surrounding bedrock. In middle of June each year, Quechee Gorge is also a good side trip to take while viewing the Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival. Quechee Gorge if on Route 4 approximately 25 minutes east of the Birch Ridge Inn.

Texas Falls

Impressive waterfalls and geological formations make this trail and enjoyable, easy hike through part of the Green Mountain National Forest. The trail features elaborate stone steps and walls which descend to the falls. In early summer, winter snow melt from the mountains makes the falls roar. But any time of the year the views are enjoyable. Texas Falls is located off Route 100 approximately 25 minutes north of the Birch Ridge Inn.